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Have some young Connor, in case you haven’t already seen him.]]

Bawww young Connor is so cute. Asshole colonist. His dad?

It’s Charles Lee, who apparently is going to have some sort of good guy/bad guy routine similar to Machiavelli in Brotherhood.

Also dat hair. It rivals Ezio’s.


I’m sorry… I had to write this

I’ve held this back for so long and kept shit a secret but that last rapekink-shaming post just… I couldn’t hold it back any longer

So apparently having a rape kink makes you a disgusting, insensitive person to all of those out there who are disturbed by or have been the victim of said crimes.

Ohh, insensitive? Insensitive to rape victims? By me having an aspect about my sexuality that I cannot change, I am being insensitive to rape victims? Okay then.

Hmm, let’s talk about something, then. What if, say, I was a rape victim? What if I have been raped more than once? Does that change anything? Because it fucking shouldn’t. And you know what? It doesn’t.

Ohh, and did I mention the first time it happened, I was seven years old? Oops, I must have left out that detail. And ohh, right… by my cousin. Maybe I should throw that fact in there too. Maybe I should also mention the fact that my cousin committed a double homicide-suicide seven years ago, and that the last person he ever talked to was me. And when the police came to my house because they saw that he called my cell phone a minute beforehand and asked me what he had said, I was too afraid to tell them that the last fucking words he said to me were, “I’m not sorry.”

No, I didn’t make this story up. But even if it wasn’t true, it shouldn’t matter. No one chooses how their brain shapes their sexual identity. No one chooses what gender to love, just as no one chooses what to be sexually attracted to. Yeah, I think that perhaps what happened to me changed my concept of sexuality somewhat. But do I care that other people, who have lived perfectly healthy, normal lives, get off on the idea of rape? NO. ABSOLUTELY NOT.

I don’t CARE who you are, whether you’ve been through tough shit, or whether your life has been all sunshines and rainbows. If rape squicks you out, that is 10,000% fine. I completely understand. You should never be ashamed of your “triggers” regardless of whether or not you’ve lived through them. Because no one wants to even think about being raped, let alone live through it.

And you know what else? I don’t CARE who you are, whether your life has completely fucking sucked or if your life has been perfect. If rape is one of your kinks, that is 10,000% fine, too. I, as a victim of incest, multiple rapes, child abuse, and sufferer of mental illnesses after said events took place, DO NOT JUDGE YOU AT ALL IF YOU ARE TURNED ON BY RAPE. No, it’s not even some sort of bullshit “forgiveness” thing that I’ve had to “come to terms” with. I have never judged people, and I never will judge people, because it is not something you have any control over.

Do you think anyone ever chooses to be gay? What about a pedophile? Would anyone ever want to have schizophrenia? NO. How do you know that? Because no one wants to be something society thinks is wrong, or different, or something that makes their life more difficult than it has to be. It’s extremely bigotted of someone to say that they support the love between two people of the same gender and yet do not support a harmless part of someone’s sexuality that they cannot control. How is it any different? Neither are harmful to anyone else, and both bring someone with a sense happiness in their life, even if much of society tells them that what makes them happy is “wrong” and “shameful” and “bad.” They’re not different.

People do not choose what to be aroused by. It doesn’t matter what it is. No one should tell you to be ashamed of yourself for who you are. Yes, rape in real life is a horrible, tragic thing. Do I support it? Absolutely NOT. Would I ever rape someone? NO. That being said, if someone has a rape fetish and goes out and rapes someone, do I think that it is okay? NO. Contrary to what lots of people seem to think, most people with socially unacceptable kinks do not go out and act on them. In fact, most don’t even feel the DESIRE to. Hey, I read and write shota porn, and it gets me off. If I had the opportunity to molest a little kid if I knew that I would never get in trouble for it and would be 100% free from getting in trouble? NO.


You know what else comes out of this shaming of people with rape kinks? You are shaming people who have lived through it and use it as a way of coping with what has happened to them. I write rape because it gives me control over a situation I once found uncontrollable. And you’re saying I should be ASHAMED for this? What about the fact that what happened to me as a kid might have somehow “caused” this kink in me. I should be ASHAMED for letting something horrific change my identity and sexuality? Because that is just a crime. I hope you don’t think that I have thought that dozens upon dozens of times in my life. Ohh sweet christ, you sick fuck, you let this take over your life. You’ve let this mould your identity. You’ve let this shape who you are as a person. You should be ashamed of yourself. Look at what society thinks of you. Look what these people say about you. You were too weak to just get over it, and now you’re just a worthless fuck who should kill themselves because you find rape sexually arousing. You are an asshole, a twisted person, an awful person, a deranged sociopath.

It feels great. Thanks. Shame is such a wonderful thing to spread to people. Make people feel ashamed of who they are, especially for things they can’t control. It really makes you a bigger person. You are just so much more mightier than those with differently-wired brains.

I don’t want your pity. I don’t even need you to understand. Just accept people for who they are, and let them live their lives the way that makes them happy. Is that really too hard of a thing to do?


Everything about this.

We all have our weird kinks, who are we to judge someone else?  What gives you the right to say “this kink is disgusting and this kink is normal?”

Don’t be ashamed of what you’re into.

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this means death.


this means death.


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In which Altaïr is protective over his bitches.

Altair = Badass

Ezio = Sexy

Rahtonake`:ton = ADORABLE

It’s true

The time is now near at hand which must determine whether Americans are to be free men or slaves. Now our cruel and unrelenting enemy leaves us only the choice of brave resistance or the most abject submission. We have, therefore, to resolve to conquer or die.

George Washington.


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